Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jake "Buddy" Sharkey 1997-2008

Today I had to make the hardest decision ever in my life.

I had to end the 11 year companionship with Jake.

I could not see my "Buddy" live with the pain that he was hiding so well. In the last few days I noticed his growns coming on more often and the cancer on his leg started to grow once again. Yesterday, he was barely able to keep himself up to eat. I knew by this morning I was going to have to put him down.

I wanted the family to have one last opportunity to say goodbye, and then it was time...

This had to be the toughest thing I have ever been through. Afterall, he was my 1st kid. I say that because he was breaking me in before I had April and Cristy my 2 daughters.

Jake was a huge part of the family and the house is already different with him not being here.
The greeting you always got when you walked through the door whether you were gone for 5 mins or 10 days, he greeted you the same. And usually he will always have something in his mouth to bring you. The whining of his excitement to see you is gone. The house is now silent.

I could not bare the thought on where they send animals after they die.

Jake had no better place to be than his own back yard. Therefore we brought him home for his final resting place in the back corner of the yard where we will be able to look out every morning and know that he is still there.

Please keep him in your prayers.
He was not only man's best friend but everyone's best friend...
I dedicate this video clip "One Last Breathe" to my buddy "Jake"
He will be missed.....

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