Friday, March 28, 2008

Adrenaline Rush Vee Lite #55

Adrenaline Rush Offshore Race Team had hit the frigid waters of NJ today to get some testing in on their boat prior to leaving for the OSS Race in Biloxi, MS.

I was on hand to capture Video footage and Still Photos of their voyage.

The entire crew was all smiles when they returned leaving me to believe they were quite pleased with the results of all their hard work.

The real cool part about the testing and the wrenching that had gone on for the few days the team was here is that their soon to be competition, Randy Schleuss of Typhoon Racing had opened up his shop and dedicated his own time to help this team out the best he could. Giving the team as many pointers as necessary to make the team's experience with racing the best and safest it can be.

Randy Schleuss has been spearheading the charge to grow the OSS Vee Lite Class and it appears that his hard work will be paying off with this season having the most boats in his class then in past years!

From Sharkey-Images, we would like to take this time to thank Randy for all his efforts in growing offshore racing, as well as helping out the new guys on the block to get their boat to the 1st race of the season.

For the Photos from testing:

For the Videos from testing:

Enjoy !!!

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