Friday, April 11, 2008

Local Surfer Now on TOUR !!!

There are times that someone may stand out in the crowd.
I haven't been around the sport long enough to know anyone, but I have to say this kid here stood out !

He always seemed to have an incredible move prior to finishing off a wave. He always took advantage of every swell he deisred no matter how big or small.

He caught my attention from a photographer's point of view.

As he finished for the day he headed up to a woman that was shooting photos. It appeared to me to be his mom.

As they passed me at my truck I walked over to give them my card so that they could view the photos that I got of him. He sounded very appreciative and professional.

I rarely have the opportunity to get names of the people surfing but there was something about this mother and son that made me take note of his name. His mom had told me that his name is THOMAS PETRIKEN. They are locals to the shore area but are mostly traveling. As it turned out THOMAS is doing the WQS WORLD TOUR.
That suddenly put everthing into perspective. His professional manner about him and his awesome surfing.

Something tells me I will be sorry for not getting his autograph! :(

From Sharkey-Images,

We wish THOMAS the best while he is out on the TOUR !

For more photos:
on April 10th, 2008 in PPB

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