Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mahopac Marine's NY Hudson River Fun Run May 2nd, 2009

Its official!!!!

MAY 2nd at Half Moon Bay Marina in Croton on the Hudson. Here are the cooridnates and Website. We have arranged for ample docking for all size boats up to 60'. This will be a fun run with no set rules or plans. It is a bunch of guys getting together to run their boats early in the season after a LONG winter. We will be there at about 10 am and we will let most of the guys meet up. At about 12pm we would like to start heading up the river towards Newbugh/Marlboro and then head back down towards Manhattan. After Manhattan we will meet back up at Half Moon Bay for chatter or whatever. This is open to all boats of all size and speed. This is a fun run cruising nice and easy.

For those of you with GPS
lat 41° 11.833'
long 073° 53.393'

Here is their website

As far as launching, we would recommend either Georges Island which is run by the county or the Peekskill Harbor Launch run by the town of Peekskill.

Hope to see you all there!!
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Mahopac Marine's Fun Run "SPECIAL" !!!

For the first 30 boats to sign up for the Hudson River Fun Run on May 2nd, Mahopac Marine has joined forces with to provide an
8 x 10 of their boats.
(Other additional sizes will be available as a separate cost.)

So please sign up early.

If you are coming and want pics, please contact me via email sharkeymsg at or through the Serious Offshore messaging system. will be on hand to shoot as much of the event as possible...

See everyone there !!!

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