Sunday, July 5, 2009

NJPPC 4th of July PWC Poker Run

Another fantastic day on the bay !
On 4th of July morning over 30 PWC's turned out for the 1st NJPPC PWC Poker Run of the 2009 Season.
The day started with great sunshine and an unexpected hard west wind blowing across the bay creating a bit more of a bumpy ride in the open waters.
8:15 AM the Drivers Meeting was conducted laying out the course and Rules of the Road.
The group started out of Kettle Creek with one card stop inside there. Then they proceeded east to the south side of the Mantoloking Bridge to meet a boat holding the particpants second card.
Then the big challenge of the day was to cross the bay into the fierce west wind to head up to the end of Silver Bay for their 3rd card. once leaving there they ran back east toget to the "Flats" which was welcomed calm water.
Just south of the Thomas Mathis Bridge was a boat holding their fourth card. At each stop every would regroup as to not leave anyone behind. From here the final stretch was to run west up the Toms River for one more card with a boat waiting off of Pine Beach. From there, it was time to head for the Lobster Shanty of Toms River to meet for a full buffet breakfast and the opening of cards to see who had the winning hands.
It was a great way to spend the first 3 hours of the day on Fourth of July.
The event starts and ends early enough without taking much time away to do other things for the rest of the day.
If you have a PWC, it is a an event you should look into doing.
Next PWC event comes in September.
Check the NJPPC website for their full schedule at:
Enjoy !!!

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