Friday, March 19, 2010

Sharkey-Images Custom Mats

With the paint jobs on boats these days you can never be too over protective...:eek:

Sharkey-Images is now offering a new product for anyone who cares about the finish on their boats and the safety for anyone that needs to walk across their boat.

We have come up with the idea of Custom Neoprene Mats with the use of Sharkey's images being printed on them or just about anything else for that matter.

Forget about the towels that people slide on with a well waxed deck.
Leave the bathroom throw rugs for what they were intended for...the Bathroom.

Own you're own custom Mats that will hold a tight grip on the deck and less likely to blow off than a towel or blanket.
Smaller Mats are great for when people are boarding and need to step on your vinyl seats. Protect your interior with the Mats from Sharkey-Images

Also while the boat is on the trailer and you need to protect the side of the boat from a ladder. Use a Verticle Custom printed Mat to match your boat.

Several sizes available.

54" x 36"

36" X 54"

27" x 36" (Runners)

and custom sizes may be available depending on your needs.

Exciting ideas for:

Boat Manufacturer Logos

Poker Run Club Logos

Racing Organization Logos

Represent your favorite Boat, Club or Organization !!!

Advertise a business while sitting at the dock !!!

So many possibilities with this new product by Sharkey-Images.

Be sure to see these examples laying on the Speed Racer Poker Run boat of

Typhoon Service Center at an event near you !!!

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