Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 New York Boat Show & More

I ventured into New York City yesterday to attend the NY Boat Show.
People I had spoken with all seem to be having a decent show and some boats were selling. Providing I was getting solid information, I would venture to say that the market just might be starting to make a turn...
It may not be a hard and fast turn, but at least it appears to be making a turn. Hopefully it stays the course.

The size of this year's show had to have been the smallest I have seen yet! Word on the street was space was available and special offerings were being made. Just looking at the size of the Formula Booth and you could see they took advantage of every inch given to them....

I purposely came in late on Saturday to avoid the possibility of a heavy crowd. Tough to get photos when the show is too busy.

All photos are now online at:

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