Friday, July 1, 2011

Shop & Factory Tours by Sharkey

Over the years I have been stopping in Engine Shops, Boat Factories and anything else I feel can make an interesting Photo Shoot.
This year was an exceptional road trip.
Over 3,300 miles up and down the East Coast.

Just in 2011 alone I have covered these places 17 of which were done in under a week ; AMF Offshore Rigging, Arrow Marine, Bandit Performance Marine, Fountain/Donzi Powerboats, Frisini Motorsports, Hurricane Force Detailing, Kinetic Animation, Latham Marine, Lip-Ship Performance, Mystic Powerboats, Nor-Tech Powerboats Factory & Service Shops, Potter Performance Engines, Powerboat P1 USA, RF Powerboats, Reggie Fountain's Real Estate, Statement Marine, TnT Custom Marine, and Xtreme Marine.

In prior years I also covered Chief Engines,, ILMOR MARINE, JC Performance Engines, OUTERLIMITS, Performance Marine, Skater Powerboats, Sunsation Powerboats, Tyler Crockett Engines and Wazzup Motorsports.

So if you ever wondered where the most powerful engines were ever built, and the most sought after high performance boats were made, you will want to view these Galleries.
It has been quite an experience to see all of this first hand.
Hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed producing them !

Click on this image below to View the GALLERIES:

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